It is said that snow is the soul of winter, but I think snow is another soul of man. She comes from the floating jade, or spins or slanting, or is eager or slow, the gentle dance, the smooth and tonal charm, xiaoxiao sprinkling jade, the heaven and earth drunk into one color; It also moisturizes the skin into the muscle, melts the wisdom in the wisdom, is beautiful in thinking, pure heart cold desire, causes the person to live out another kind of realm in the silent snow language.
They say the snow is used, but I think the snow is more for listening. "Listen to the snow, it is better to listen to a person, both of them are too many, because of the popularity, it is a matter of no popularity. As long as one person, quiet down, heaven and earth great beauty, the snow quietly drifting, people quietly listening, this cozy, this soul, is quiet and quietly elegant beauty and enjoyment.
Listen to the snow, or sit through the window, or sit in the snow, or lie in the snow, or in the snow, with your eyes closed,
Empty heart, listen to the pure snow, listen to the snow, listen to snow, listen to snow, listen to snow,
Listen to the snow dance bamboo, listen to the snow to touch the wind, listen to the snow, listen to the crisp sound of the snow, listen to the snow quiet footsteps, listen to the snow simple and beautiful poetry, listen to the soft words of snow. "This is the moment when the snow is heard, it will be a beautiful lotus, lonely, thin and gloomy. But most of the time, it's a surprise. The snow is the soul of winter, the soul of snow, also pure and persistent, and the dust. But most of the time, the earth and the earth in one, the human snow oneness, and then amazed the time of the vegetarian meditation.
Listen to the snow, best in the north, because the north is the place of the snow, and can hear the feeling and the spirit of the snow.
Listen to the snow in the mountain, the mountain is empty, the heart is small. The empty only can hear the snow's original life - empty and white, white and empty, empty is white, white is empty; Empty, what can hold, how much, how much; White, besmear what is what, besmear more besmear, all by oneself. Small is the zen of the soul of snow -- small is big, big and small, and nothing else. The small of the heart is only the snow, the small of the heart is the universe.
Listen to the snow at night, the night is quiet, the person is quiet, the heart is still. Still only the groans of pain when the snow was crushed, and only the cold, cold sound of the snow fox, still only the sound of snow and the sound of the heart beating; It was black and black, white and white, and so empty; This emptiness is "the most brilliant moment in the mountains and rivers. It's worth it.
Listen to the snow on the lake, a boat with a hook, one li a pot of wine, half zen half Buddha, half awake half drunk half life. In the snow, there is always a kind of voice, from the lonely to hear the spiritual, from the lonely to hear life; Life is often in the moment of a quiet, a quiet, a wake up, only to appear real and elegant.
Listen to snow in huts, a batch of a tea a harp, a pen, paper, people, the snow outside, listen to the snow song, listen to the snow to play songs and everyone is in the snow, symbol, is only a comma, there is no end; Everyone is the note on the string, simple and beautiful.
Listen to snow in merlin, "both intentional and don't say it is the highest state of love, because this time, two people are enjoying their eyes relative when the fiery psychology, enjoy and fingers touching the heartquake when"; Snow contains mei xiang, may dyeing Snow White, two pure and clear heart is striking happy years.
Listen to the snow in the temple, the snow rock zhong pan, its sound ancient quiet; The sound of snow drumming is quiet; Outside the temple, empty nothingness, only snow dance; In the temple, the chant is silent, but only the snow; With the small zen of the temple, the universe is large, and the meditation of the monk is the movement of all things. In the moment of listening to the snow, everything in the world becomes plain and beautiful. There is no dispute, no contest, no class, no pain. There is no clear-cut distinction between the powerful and the common people, money and status, and everything seems to be harmonious, peaceful, and holy.
Sitting in the winter, standing still in the snow, listening to snow is the mood. A person's life, but is the touch of the heart, or one, or two, or more heart to collide together; Or foolish or foolish, or foolish or wise, or disputing or fighting, or sparing or parting, but all end to silence and the soul to one.