The snow came to a halt for half a day, and then it was scattered, flying, misty, gray. Among pedestrians, complaints of inconvenience began to ring in the ear...
Such a wonderful spirit, like an angel, is light and graceful, falling into the world, white and white. To hide all ugliness, to set off the beauty of all things. Beautiful and beautiful winter, beautiful world, amazed eyes, cuteness of the heart; Thousands of times, good reputation!
Snow, moistening the winter's dry and cold, the harvest of the next year's crops, added a quiet winter's lingo, cheng all the child heart's expectation!
Beautiful snow, a gift of nature, a winter's figure!
Snow, in the winter we do not want to be less, accidental abuse, offer to resolve it.
What is the absolute perfection of the world? Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages! It's already so beautiful! Don't complain, don't ask, be tolerant! We cherish the blessings of nature!