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Books are my forever friends

Le 5 mars 2018, 08:59 dans Humeurs 0

"Three more lights and five more chickens, it is men who read. Black hair does not know diligently early, the white first party regrets to read late." This is small when parents taught about the importance of reading and by heart, and the young don't work hard, idle young, needy old ", and so on, it is full of ancient people working the awl stab inspiring story, under the influence of these stories, did hard to read. When I grew up, I became a self-motivated and self-motivated student hong kong scholarships, and I felt that it was because I tasted the benefits of reading, and over time, reading became an integral part of my life.
I like wandering in the sea of books, learn from their needs all kinds of nutrients, enrich himself, because mother like the poem of zang gram house, affect I also saw some, remember junior high school of time see zang gram house of old and new poetry review have such a word, "I am a two-faced, which analyzes I love poetry" read this, I deeply by zang gram house, moved by tradition of philosophical discourse on impulse in the margin of the book still make up the two words "which analyzes the pig back to reading, poetry flood tide", complacent, and brought them to his mother, his mother look after smile said to me: "feel oneself write smack of zang gram house", I said: "can't". But the beauty of the heart, words can not describe, really think that they are clever, in the complacent, the mother said: you add the first sentence, use very skillfully. The second sentence is well written, very imposing and commendable myob accounting software. My mother's words were like a claird, like a hammer beating on my head, and I almost knew that I was too smart to be wise. I don't want to steal, is back to too much, a product of natural overflow, the mother's comment: a "smart", a "good" point woke me, mother is worthy of the ancient Chinese teacher, don't let me drill this gap. May be right to "old books best pig back to read" memory is too deep, see "I am a two-faced, which analyzes I love poetry", naturally can put the old books back to continue to read on, then write a word: new torrent rushing. I really admire my mother's rigorous scholarship.
My mother looked down at me and said let me tell you a story. I was glad to hear the story. Mother told me a story that su shi as a child, I be suddenly enlightened after listen to, my mother is in remind me, such as the middle of a vast ocean, I just a seam, I understand mother's intention, from now on, open-minded, read last became my motto.
The story is: when su shi was a small man, he had a great talent, read some books, and put up a couplet in front of his house. "read the world and read the world." After the neighbors saw the couplet, later, don't know where to an octogenarian, took out a book to be read by su shi, the book is all some strange words, him not a word, embarrassed face flushed. When the old man smiled and left, su shi couplets on the door hurriedly pen ShangXiaLian respectively with a "skill" and "to" four word company registration in hong kong, has become the eternal "skill knowledge all over the world, to read all the human" the high ideals of couplets. Silent sound, su dongpo from the old man silent teachings to realize to learning, learn the truth, so tirelessly devoted to reading, learning, hard learning, eventually become a generation of famous writers. I also learned from my mother's story that modesty, prudence, abstinence from the arrogance of the book virtues, is also my mother reminded me of "early, more early people" philosophy.
In ancient times, people that read the reading very sacred, "a scholar need not leave his home, he know all smell", show just because the smell, so deeply people's worship, rather than old people to the rank of worship, worship of the books is more accurate than, because all the reader of the official career and all the good wishes of books on the body, they will be able to see your from inside the book "hall", "beautiful woman". People regard reading as a very sacred and solemn matter, so there is a good conversation in the evening. In ancient times, the number of people reading was a symbol of a person's status, and people who were generally praised for their wisdom, knowledge and knowledge were described as "rich and educated". The status of books is quite unusual, people will maintain its "burnished inferior, only a study of" the idea, "he who rules lives by mental perplexity, by physical labor" to become for thousands of years of Chinese students to reverse the truth is not broken.
I like to read books, I prefer to immerse myself in the books, I want to see what is easy to take, there is no rules, casual reading is my most leisure time. My lover quips that I am a "sprinkler", because wherever I go, there will be a mess of books to follow. My son said that I was a "miscellaneous family", I call myself "lazy home", reading nearby, convenient.
Zang kejia said: "reading is like climbing mountains, the higher you climb, the farther you look; Reading is like cultivating, the sweat is flowing, the harvest is more plentiful. I said: reading an ancient book is the equivalent of an old friend. It can enlighten you on the road and avoid many detours. Reading a modern book is the equivalent of making a middle-aged friend. It can teach you a lot of life philosophy, and silently accompany you through the most vulnerable moments. Reading a children's book is the equivalent of having a child, and its vitality, innocence and romance will infect you and make you never lose the joy of childhood.

The wind in the countryside

Le 5 mars 2018, 08:35 dans Humeurs 0

The wind is the soul of the country. It doesn't like to stay in one place all the time, wandering all over the place, north and west in the south. Wherever it goes, it can feel the country's breath.
Every time I go back to my hometown bean village from the city, the first one to meet me is the wind. Although we haven't seen each other for many years, but it did not identify, first with the naughty little hand, put my hair with disorderly jump, then on I clean shoes and a suit, casual sprinkle dust and finely clippings. If spring, the wind like a slavish flower dog, when I first stepped down from the car, visual could spread out, it's from my body smell the smell of beans village, kiss hot ground, hold out tender small tongue, one licked my hand and ankle, you don't cast out. If it was autumn, the wind would have the smell of the fermented fruit, and the faint alcohol, like a child who went to town for a drink, was not careful to spill the wine all the way.
Because of the wind, many ordinary things in the country cannot be ordinary, and there is some kind of poetry. You see, in the night breeze smoke, how to look like a picture with the forearm raised with the unconstrained cursive script, clouds flurry, the empty place, where the real real, that is we can't do on silk and paper, is the real "gobbledygook". So is lotus. A gust of wind blew past, a gust of wind came again, full of the lotus leaves in the field. Chaos, however, is messy, but it is a mess. What does it taste like? I don't know. It seems that many things in this world, like the "chaos" in the wind, have a kind of beauty that does not touch the erotic, great beauty. You can see, you can enjoy, but you have no wind energy, the good end of things destroyed, and even turned out new ideas. And the trees in the autumn wind, which had grown thick and green, but shaky hands, shook and shook, and there was only one skeleton left. It is also the ancient wisdom that they face such a fading scene, using only the words "cut down the tree" seven words, they express the complex meaning. With the yellow leaves blowing in the wind, the invisible nests in the trees, one of them showed up, and looked, like a black note hanging on the branches...
Say to the wind, I thought of one thing, one year I back to a tree from the beans village XiaoZaoShu, planted in his garden in the city, so I is enough also recommended before, but a few years later, did not see how much progress it is. I wondered what the reason was for my father. Father looked at the surrounding environment and gave two words: lack of wind. Yes, a lack of wind. That's not how trees grow in the countryside. You must not think that the wind is dispensable, but it is a god of trees and crops. A tree of the wind, like a personal opportunities, dongfeng to shake, the west wind to shake, shake every time, its root is went to the depths of the soil, swinging swinging, a tree will grow long thick in the wind. My father called it "feng shui". Remember beans village ox nose concave in there was a crooked neck smoke tree, it is said that some of the already very old, but grow up, the village people do want to have it cut down the plough bows, father stop, although this tree is not a place, but as long as the tree can jumped out from the concave head, once called the wind, don't worry about it is failing. Later that smoke tree had the vote, the wind blowing easy to move, a year a year after the same,, now it has a thick folded, became a symbol of our beans village. This is probably the magic of the wind. Magic, of course, there are my father, although the time's wind has blow his hair white, blow bent, even teeth was blown off, walk in the wind and the line, must be on a crutch, but he was able to realize a bit from the erratic wind "dao", presumably also can't complain.
Many things in the country, small to a piece of duckweed, a grass, big to a tree, a mountain, are closely related to the wind. When the spring wind comes back, they have to be green. The autumn wind is yellow, and they have to be yellow. In this turn of yellow turn green change, forever ageless seem to have only land, only wind. One plucking and plucking wind blew for thousands of years, and in the tens of thousands of years it blew away a lot of things and blew a lot of things. The crops are in the wind, the donkey horse in the wind friendship, birds fly in the wind, the crickets sing in the wind.
If there were no wind, how silent the world was!

Tea fragrance is easy, time is yong

Le 2 février 2018, 09:17 dans Humeurs 0

In the age of love there is a fragrant rose, and in tea there is a fragrant rose. In the years there is a white jasmine, in the tea also has a white jasmine. Water carries away the time, leaving traces of life. Hot water brings tea, leaving a trail of mood.
Listen, the years are like a loud fishing song, saturated with the hope that the people of lawton always create with their hands, holding a kind of life in their hands wine wset. Of course, the person who loves life, also holds a cup of tea in hand, the day is busy, the mouth is gentle.
The simple tea is also a process, which is designed to tell the life, slow down, the moment of joy. And tea, when there is light, this tells life, still has to pay the price in exchange for a leisure time.
There are thousands of roads, each time only on one road, there are many kinds of tea, each one can only taste one kind of tea. Life is choice and choice, we cannot choose wealth, but we can choose the inner grace.
The world's flowers, leaves apartment rental, fruit, trees, are all due to a slow growth rate, to complete the green results. The tea is easy, the people who drink it also with a patience, all the way to drink tea.
There is a saying that when the water is turbid, the reflection is difficult. Be careful when you are anxious, things will never be smooth. In life, there is a little expectation, is good, and too much desire, obstructs the human dignity and dignity.
The east wind dream, the past like smoke, a cup of tea, always in the inner space, a cup of tea, always make room for the mood. Do not write the mood on the face, gently, silently, shallow drunk tea fragrance, let the desolation and depression go away.
Tea is the quiet heart language of the people with its destiny Accpac system, the time is new and old, in the time of life, become the calendar in the corner, remind people, everything will pass, the tea water always makes life easy.
Life is not good, only the heart knows. From a cup of light tea, keep picking up, put down, in fact, the time is also so, continuously plan, pursue, and then continue to complete, constantly put down.
In tea, boiling water is most expected, a pot of tea accompanied, a waiting for warmth. In the window of the years, there is a lot of decoration, and if it is loved, it would be a pity to lose it. The cup from cold to hot, the heart from impetuous to easy, the flow year, always return to plain.
Give oneself a yearning, one is enough, diligently pursue one direction, is a good life. Give yourself a pot of good tea, slowly appreciate the fragrance, slowly look up to happiness, dream of the quiet products and become a good place.
Life is a pot of tea, the tablet is the mood. In the trivial, pour out the intoxicating fragrance, fill in the joy, pour out the sorrow, fill in the effort, pour out the harvest, take the easy, pour out the grace.

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