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Happiness switch

Le 11 septembre 2018, 09:31 dans Humeurs 0

Until now, every time I see children drinking soda on the street, I look at them. Every time I walk into a supermarket and see soda, coke and juice all over the walls, I feel a lot of emotion.

Seeing this always reminds me of the days when I was a child and wanted soda. In the early years of Taiwan's recovery, MD Senses it seemed unlikely that rural farmers would want to eat three full meals, even though they were not hungry and cold.

When I was a child, I had a particularly wonderful fascination with soda, not because it was good, but because I couldn't drink it. Our family is a big family with dozens of people. There are as many as eighteen children in the family.

There are three kinds of opportunities to drink soda, one is a festive banquet, one is a New Year's eve dinner, and one is a temple fair festival. Even if there was soda, there was always not enough to drink. When it came to drinking soda, it seemed like a grand ceremony. Eighteen glasses were lined up on the table, each pouring half a cup in turn, and almost finished after one drink.

Once, when I was walking in the street, I saw a child drinking enough soda, standing under the eaves pique, "ou --" a long voice, I stood next to the almost petrified, admiring to death, can not help but sad self-asked: when can I drink soda full? When can I drink soda and get sick? Because by the time I was in elementary school, I had never tasted a soda-drink until I was nauseous.

At that time, Mini Dynamo the family also point oil lamp, lamp oil is kerosene, taiyu called "smelly oil" or "fanzai oil". Once, my mother put the smelly oil in an empty soda bottle and placed it at the foot of the table. When the adult was not paying attention, I picked up the soda bottle and poured it into my mouth. I almost died trying to drink soda, and then became a family joke, but I didn't turn my back on soda.

In the third grade, a cousin was getting married, and the night before he got married, I couldn't sleep.

The next day I peered in front of the yard to see if the soda was coming. At nine o 'clock in the morning, when I saw the grocer's people bringing large boxes of soda and stacking them in one place, I flew over, took two large bottles of black truffle soda, and ran to the hut. At that time, rural toilets were built a few dozen meters away from houses. There was a big cesspool which was cleaned only once a few weeks ago. But I had planned to drink soda in it that day. It was the only secret place in the house.

I locked the door of the hut, opened two bottles of soda, and, in a devout mood, slurped them into my mouth like a cricket.

The whole distended my stomach, I sat quietly in the floor, waiting for the pique, slowly, Adrian Cheng belly have action, the breath of a copious mo royal can surge up to come out, "oh," soda gas bubbled up from the nose and mouth, take all I can see is the tears, I heaved a sigh: "this world never happier than soda drink to pique thing!" Then, on a pilgrimage, he opened the wooden bolt of the hut, and came out.

When I drank soda in the hut, I forgot the odor of the hut, forgot the troubles of the world, and felt that I was the happiest person in the world. I still remember the scene of sighing in that year to this day, when I repeatedly said, "there is nothing happier in the world than to drink soda and feel sick." Mixed feelings in the heart, tears can not help falling.

In the years of poverty, people can also feel some profound happiness, like I often remember to add a bowl of hot rice, pouring a spoonful of lard, a spoonful of soy sauce, sitting in front of "huding" (the stone steps of the hall door) carefully savor the aroma of mixed rice lard, that each grain is filled with a happy aroma.

Sometimes this happiness doesn't come from food. I remember that there was an old man in our town who was selling pickles. All along the way he shook a string of crisp bells, which could be heard from far away. Every time he came to our house, when the sun was setting, I would run out at the sound of his bell, and see him bathed in the soft glow of the evening.

Sometimes happiness comes from wandering freely in the fields for an afternoon.

Sometimes happiness comes from seeing the turnips left in the turnip field to grow, a bright blue flower.

Sometimes happiness comes when the big dog at home suddenly produces a litter of fluffy puppies of different colors.

It turns out that the happiness of life does not lie in the human environment, the human status, the material things that people can enjoy, but in how people's mind corresponds to life. Therefore, happiness is not determined by external things. The poor have the happiness of the poor, the rich have their own happiness, the powerful have their own happiness, and the humble have their own happiness. In life, everyone has tears and smiles. In life, everyone has happiness and anxiety, this is the real appearance of the world.

In the past, I often felt this deeply when I was traveling in the countryside and in the city for reporting visits. The people who were sitting in the night market, drinking rice wine with pork head, often felt as happy as those who were sitting in the grand restaurant, drinking XO. A farmer squatting at the gate of a temple and drinking 20 yuan a kilo of coarse tea, he was as happy as those who drank the champion tea. In the sugar cane field, the people who won and lost only a few hundred dollars, the incentive he got was no less than the luxury gambler who won and lost millions on the socha table.

The world turns out to be a relative world, not an absolute one, so happiness is also a relative one, not an absolute one.

As the world is relative, it is full of imperfection, full of helplessness and speechless moments. But it is also the relative world that makes it possible for us to be happy in any situation, to see the sunlight in the crevices in the cliffs.

Our sense of happiness is not entirely given by the world, but comes from our external or internal value judgments. Our happiness is determined by our own values.

Love is not the most beautiful thing

Le 11 septembre 2018, 09:29 dans Humeurs 0

Once I thought that love is the most beautiful thing in the world, no distractions, no cheating, all the days like leaves and wind live under the eyelashes, quiet and warm. Teachers and parents obviously do not agree with this kind of astringency, always feel that this is too wasted youth, too difficult to waste time, so that the rebellious of us more presumptuous, once confused to pursue the so-called love.

Some people say: love is white, because it is a piece of white feathers, in the golden shining sun leisurely fall...

Some people say: love is crystal embellish, because it is a drop of glittering and translucent dew-drop, in green fresh grass between the slide...

Someone said: love is sad, because it is a red, floating in the deep water..........

Some people say: love is brilliant, because it is a meteor, in the dark blue sky released their most brilliant glory!

However, I said: love, it is transparent, it exists in our side every inch of the land, every breath.

It is children blowing out colorful bubbles; It is the language of love that lingers when lovers meet; It is the melody of the rivulet flowing through the valley. It is a lingering beauty after a flash in the pan. Love is lanzhi and zhong qing "danwei as tough as silk, rock without transfer" never betray the oath; Love is su shi to wang fu "ten years life and death two boundless" infinite memorial; Love is the reluctant attachment of the cowherd and weaver girl. Love is tang Ming huang and the imperial concubine "in the sky would like to be a pair of birds, in the ground would like to be a pair of branches" ardent expectations; Love is the forced resignation of lu you and tong wan, who had no choice but to leave their mountains and mountains behind. Love is zhuo wenjun's deep yearning for sima

Love - there is no way out!

Honesty is the guarantee of love. In ancient times, wei sheng, who kept his promise, once asked a woman under the bridge. She refused to leave until the flood came, but when the flood receded and his body was found, he still held the pier tightly If say the end living's love is the sincere love, that "return bead ge ge" on crape myrtle and er kang, small swallow and yongqi love ground more magnificent! Is what can let a weak woman promise "the mountain does not have the edge, the heaven and the earth close, is dares with the king to refuse" the promise? What can make the prince and grandson give up the life they once lived, plunder the dharma field, and be displaced? Just as the song said: "let us run our horses and live xiaoxiao; Let us be companions and share the prosperity of the world!"

Everyday go to school always can see a pair of grandparents push flat plate car to sell bean curd brain, always envy that ruthless years of blade the trace that engrave in their face is full of indelible love and 50 years of practice of tacit understanding. I think whether in ancient times or nowadays, they must be the most perfect interpretation of "having to be compared to the eye, only jealous mandarin duck not immortal". I like to call this the love of bean curd brain, insipid in is full of magic! Perhaps, they will also have no matter when five fingers intersect, fingers interlocked, hand in hand walked through the end of the day side, only let behind the beautiful afterglow for them to cast a happy figure...........

Love is like a robbery, a samsara, from young to old, everyone in this samsara stumbled, powerless to struggle.

Although has heard a thousand times "liang zhu", but each time will feel that sorry sorrow. The melodious melody tells the meeting of the grass bridge, the happy songs and laughter of schoolmates, and towards the end, you cry to the love buried in the grave due to the melody. Ask, what kind of feeling can be compared with it? Even life as a sacrifice of love without regret...

Come out between the feeling is what thing, direct teach a person life and death mutually agree...

In fact, in the heart of the most perfect love should be pure without any impurities, there is no need for romance, not as good as liangzhu tragic, only boys riding bicycles. The car is very broken very old have nothing to do with, ding ding ting sound also does not matter, breeze blows up the long hair of the girl of elegant, sunshine shoots the eye of the girl star general, the lips bend into an arc, this is happy sweet......

Half summer, cool and refreshing

Le 15 août 2018, 09:01 dans Humeurs 0

Summer flowers around the eyebrows, no desire to dispute. The rain struck a chord and memories boiled into tea. Sheng and the great summer, cool and refreshing into the v, incense as the reason, read as the reason..

It's summer. It's thick.

When the weather is windy, there is no wind. Occasionally there is rain, that heat is also in the thick wind in the branches and leaves, wanton dozen turn.

This hot summer heat, the only defensible is to let the heart return to silence. Look at the sky blue, look at the Sprite, smell the flowers, touch the green leaves, let the plain color become the theme in the life tone. That spirit, along with the green meaning of the growth of the bodhi, quietly and calmly across the wind and rain again and again md senses aqua peel.

Sometimes I feel worried about things that I'm not doing well. It's so wet that I go walking in the middle of summer.

Open a book, exhibit a time material language, receive the quiet that green idea nourishes good for a preface, bathe the morning bell of ten li of lotus wind, sit to see the amorous feelings of half summer that the flower opens.

Annie said: to write every day is to swim in a river. So we don't drown.

If, the birds on both sides say a flower is quiet, the sunlight is just right, then can rest on the bank foot, read the book that likes, do the thing that likes, accompany the person that likes, share the glass time of half a cup of tea fragrance, so, very good!

The most beautiful thought, is that the other shore wind all the way persistent, across thousands of rivers and mountains, fell in the eyebrows, and then in the heart out of a white lotus. The deepest feeling is that the water on this bank is uneventful, but it travels far away in silence. The radian of a deep pool of water will never be lost under the sowing.

Love a word of zhang xiaoxian, your heart is my cape and the ends of the earth, I can not go further. We go to the ends of the earth together in this lifetime.

Therefore, the most warm company, after half a lifetime of wind and rain, I can still be stable, complete your poem rhyme feet.

According to a clear world, do not say belong to, do not say hangovers, only pour its heart deep quiet leave white, an eyebrow face water amorous feelings, with cloud white sky blue holding hand photograph to see, although have contingency feeling intersection, still be elegant beautiful.

On the journey of life, the step is as firm as the beginning Hydro Peel, a graceful and graceful posture, fixed on the heart of the round moon. If, walk not to give the curtain of ten thousand zhang xiguang, and allow the heart, encounter flourishing to fall to the end of do not dye delicate dust, and then, in a common heart, secure a secret deep anecdote.

If, a summer flower extreme bloom, can reproduce the life gorgeous appearance, I still firmly believe, in the summer light year in a white lotus breeding in the long love, because with compassion and gentleness walk together, is the heart to good, eyes to live true, then the world overflow with beauty.

All the beauty that can face toward the sky naturally, must be experienced the natural charm of sharpening. As bi shumin said, I believe that a smile without makeup is more pure and beautiful. I believe that the eyes without makeup are more open and sincere.

Confident woman, in the rich and beautiful time, will put a superior heart, with a simple and quiet pure, interpretation of the earth's true, with rich love, the reappearance of the unfading warmth, is the heart deeply planted in the heart, in years of blooming unfailing appearance.

The tacit understanding between the heart and the heart is a natural beauty that never needs to be decorated, nor does it need to be elaborately carved, such as the green bodhi planted in a corner of midsummer. A proper temperature, calm as the water of the heart lake, although more want to debate forgotten words, will eventually cross the time review hair styling class, in a normal heart from the circle.

Half - summer flavor, fragrant as before.

July of the Dutch to cross wind, boil once unfinished heart slowly, in the heart lake have a clear water bay, put the soul exile for the lake to be clear, in the end of silence, cater to the wind rain, dust capacity between feeling, mixed world, in full to hold the opportunity, with a solitary fancy, exhibition, sunward leaves, Yin, prosperous time, will be deep in the pinellia flowers in long, wading through footprints with you, for this season, the prelude of the book under the vivid.

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