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Time will come and all will be released

Le 8 November 2018, 07:38 dans Humeurs 0

I always think that time is a good medicine, which can make people cross themselves, and memorable people or things, in the face of time will eventually release.

The passage of time, who did not have the Chinese New Year little lip red white time, who did not walk through the confusion of youth, who did not have the Chinese New Year less frivolous, who did not have the fate of the ups and downs?

In life, there is always someone to accompany you to see the scenery, there is always a pair of hands to warm your way forward chiller system design, there is always a song to let you listen to tears flow, there is always a paragraph of text let you not bear to touch, buried in the bottom of your heart.

When one day, standing on the other shore of the years looking back, those innocent years, those vicissitudes of the whet, all become yellow memories, finally moved time, also moved themselves.

When the season goes by, there is always a morning when the wind rises, and also a gorgeous dusk. Along the way, what can make you stop is warmth and leave. It is knowing that thoughts and dismisses, and giving up and not giving, all become the lights to illuminate the way forward.

One day, you will find that, once want to grasp firmly, slowly put down, once pain, slowly wound scarring Ultra V Lift, is not the pain, not forget, just release

The years are silent, take us to taste the reunion of sadness, through the high and low ups and downs, but every minute does not stay. When the beginning and the end, become a way, have to sigh the strength of time.

"All loss is a gift compared to lost time," rossi said.

Life has smiles and tears, and strong things in the time of the grinding will slowly become thin, the passage of time, will take you to see better scenery, let you meet better people, better things.

A cup, only empty, can re-accommodate the water, life, the simple can move forward, we do not have to blindly stay in the past.

No matter how far away life goes, it is necessary to return to the original point. The past events are used to reflect, today is used to cherish, tomorrow is used to expect, life path, or intersection, or rub shoulders, never changed once held hands of warmth.

Time honing people's mind, to middle-aged, in the years have been separated by several mountains and rivers, finally understand that the indifferent is the final destination of life.

Life can not rehearse, every morning, is a new beginning master of orthopaedics hong kong, every dusk, is an end, forget yesterday's unhappiness, do a sunflower, towards the bright smile forward.

No matter how life lets you face dust, guard heart from warm, if the heart does not move, the wind is helpless, if you do not hurt, the years is ok. One day you will learn not to rush, not too far, not too fast, not too slow.

In the past, cars and horses were slow, and a slow life could only love one person. Now time is fast, and it is too fast to see clearly the scenery around. Although time can be old and beautiful, the heart can still be young.

One flower, one world, one smile, one dust, life has met there is separation, flowers bloom and fade, the predestined relationship falls, all floats and sinks, one day will become afternoon that window wind clear clouds thin, but the sun is still warm, in front of time, all will eventually release

The tribe looking up to the sky

Le 8 November 2018, 06:58 dans Humeurs 0

Drunk night, pieces of rockets across the summer sky.

The people of our tribe live in thatched, mud huts. When we returned home at night after picking coconuts, we stayed at the door, squatting or lying on the straw mat, staring at the stars, surrounded by children playing on the ground with their round bellies. Since a long time, perhaps for a long time, we always standing infection sand holes, red eyes of the poor looked at the sky, mainly from the village at the top of the sky we have a new stars flying start: leave white track of the jet, flying saucer, missiles, and now the atomic missiles, tall and quick, almost can't see nor hear, only when you are absorbed, can see a flash in the starlight njstar, heard a loud SOB, and then experienced people would say: "just a rockets to a twenty thousand kilometers an hour after, if I didn't listen to wrong, a little bit slow than that on Thursday."

Many of us have suddenly become especially hyper since missiles flew through the air. The village witch whispered to us that the shooting stars were a sign from heaven, so god promised that our time was near. After centuries of lowliness and lowliness, our tribe would finally rule the river valley, and uncultivated prairies would be planted with sorghum and maize. So ─ ─ the wizard mean ─ ─ don't bother to think about how to change the present situation, to believe in god, in his sunshine angel, don't ask again.

To be clear, though we are poor tribes that subsist on coconuts, we know exactly what's going on: we know what an atomic bomb is, how it works, how much it costs. We know that in addition to white people dying like machine guns, their cities will be flattened like sorghum, and the ground will be cracked, riddled and barren. No one will ever forget that the atomic bomb is an evil weapon, including our wizards, even cursing it at god's behest. But it's not bad to think of a missile as a shooting star in the sky, so we don't worry too much about it.

Problem is ─ ─ we have seen several times ─ ─ flew over the village Christopher mann better predictor, after sending the evil fire has missiles that blow across the opposite direction Christopher mann's peak disappear: sense of foreboding, hopes are fading of great moment. In this way, with mixed feelings, we observe the increasingly deadly and explosive sky, as we used to look at the stars or comets in the quiet night sky, and look at our fate.

The hottest topic among the tribes was the missile. We still have rough axes, spears and blowguns. Worried about what? We are the tribes at the very edge of the jungle, and it is impossible to change before the clock strikes.

It is no longer the white man who sometimes flees us, sometimes sees us in the face, canoeing alone. Now that the cooperatives come to wholesale and price, we are forced to speed up the harvesting, working day and night in small groups to achieve contracted output.

Still, some of us think that the great moment of prophecy has arrived, but it's not a sign of stars. The miracle that god is claiming is a technical problem that only we, not the cooperatives, can solve. Yes, there's nothing they can do! Let's talk about the coir cooperative. Sitting in his office on the river dock, feet up on the table and a glass of whiskey in his hand, the only thing they worried about was whether the new missile was more powerful than the other, a favorite topic. Their version of this, however, is the same as the sorcerer's: our fate depends on these shooting stars!

Even I, sitting in the doorway of my hut, watched the meteors and the missiles glow and crash, and my mind was filled with the thought that the sea creatures would suffer from the fish in the pond, and that the people who decided to fire the missiles were greeting each other with explosions. These signals, of course, represent the divine will, and the rise and fall of our tribes In my mind, what I have been unable to do is to sell coconuts for a low price for the rest of my life.

The month is the most beautiful and the longest

Le 25 September 2018, 09:18 dans Humeurs 0

Time quietly into September, chrysanthemums stretch out, red shake red dress, hot dance......... Autumn is more and more pure and fresh, the sky is more and more clear and lofty, the shadow of trees whirls, numerous red, yellow and green brocade silk, weave, hang, spread in the side of mountain, field, water. In this increasingly grand ceremony, we unconsciously and the Mid-Autumn hit Dan Dan, Dan Dan flowers,Wall mounted type air conditioner full path, gazing, thin clouds in the wheel of the moon, eyes are lit by it, the heart is filled with it.

"When the mirror rises, the clouds are silent. A round full of equal parts, and a thousand miles to the sky." The fragrance of red osmanthus and the bright moonlight. People looked up at the moon, long sky, a round of jade plate in the shadow of the clouds slowly.

For thousands of years, people have endowed the moon with saintly emotions and beautiful legends, and regarded the joys and sorrows of the world as "full moon, lack of moon". People living in other countries, longing for their relatives returning home china company setup, and placing their affection with the moon.

"Lu from tonight white, the moon is the hometown of Ming." People look forward to the full moon, love, and family reunion; Afraid of the full moon, wine, in addition to clear moon shadow, hometown and the hearts of the people are still far away, still in dreams.

"If there is no moon repair in heaven, laurel branch support to the west wheel." The sky like the hook of the crescent child, do not know how many changes have undergone changes in the autumn night into the hearts of the eternal.

The month is the most beautiful of the Mid-Autumn festival rent apartments in hong kong. Autumn days, red leaves and yellow flowers, foil jade plate silver bowl, are poetic.

The moon is the most soft in the Mid-Autumn festival. The moonlight flow, million yearns to roam. Little moon is the touch under the mother's fingers, is the lover's tender gaze, is the child curled in the knee attachment.. Acacia around the vine, nostalgia about the tendrils, silk strands, tender feelings are like water.

The moon is the brightest in the Mid-Autumn festival. Clear as mirror, quiet zhiyuan, indifferent to mingzhi, "a heart in jade pot."

The moon is the most round of the Mid-Autumn festival. Osmanthus fragrans hit, happiness around also in the heart. When you return home, your loved ones return, raise your glass to invite the bright moon, drink wine to appreciate the full moon, eat the round moon cakes, talk about the joy of reunion, and enjoy the earth and heaven, it is not the secret of life, the truth of life.

Though far apart, "a thousand miles apart, ho, a total moon," tianya also if a short distance.

Mid-Autumn, the day last month is the most beautiful, the human love is the longest.

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