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The missing of five colors rice

Le 17 avril 2018, 12:07 dans Humeurs 0

The drizzle of the season is most reminiscent of the past. March, willow wind, apricot rain. It's not cold, it's not wet. Without an umbrella, a man walks in the misty rain and mist, lingering in the heart of the lingering feelings of longing, which can not be relieved. My thoughts, through the mountains and rivers, through the thin curtain of time, vaguely seem to return to that year Register Hong Kong Company.

That year, sixteen or seventeen, was the age when new words were used to worry. I studied in a vocational high school on the outskirts of guilin. It is a suburb, but there are also stone streets, lined with buildings. On the street, there are several shops close together. There are photo studio, there are silk balls and various kinds of souvenirs, there are selling food. The most impressive is a small shop selling nostalgia. At the beginning, I was like everyone who came here for the first time, with a great deal of doubt: can nostalgia be sold? I don't know how to sell it?

It is reasonable to say that, living in the "river of qingluo belt, mountain like jade hairpin" in guilin every day, will not produce homesickness. Even in the rainy spring, the scenery here is as beautiful as an ink, water is clear, the mountain is brown. The lijiang river, fog winds around a thousand peaks Serviced Apartment hong kong, dreamlike wonderland, how can you create homesickness? But he is a better place to be. I saw three or three strangers, and went into the shop that sold nostalgia.

A classmate of the dormitory, called may, liuzhou people. I have never left my parents since childhood. The furthest place has been to guilin. She is always homesick, often with tears on her cheeks, as if there is endless sorrow. As the day approached, her homesickness was so deep that she could not sleep at night and toss and turn. I jumped up in the middle of the night to pack my bags and wrote a note asking me to pass on to my teacher. The next morning, while the guard was not paying attention, he sneaked out and ran to his hometown without hesitation. I thought she had gone so decisively that she would not look back. So he thought about how he would tell the teacher. But it was only an hour later, and at seven o 'clock, she came back with the duffle bag on her back, and her homesickness was gone, and the sun was shining. I asked her what was the matter. The excitement of her face: I sold the homesickness to the small shop's grandmother, from now on I want to read. One of her words, let me hear the astonishment, originally nostalgia can sell.

Curiosity drove me into the shop. The owner of the shop was a woman in her seventies, with a kind face and a smile. She saw me come in and held out her arms and gave me a hug.

Sit down at a small round table in the corner. She served a bowl of hot, five-colored rice with peanuts, minced meat and char siu. The smell of the vegetable dyes mixed with the aroma of sticky rice, and it makes me gulp down and swallow it. The old woman did not speak, but lovingly sat down to watch me eat Furniture Rental, and occasionally reminded me to be slow, which looked like my grandmother.

After I had eaten enough, I remembered that I had come to sell my homesickness. Looking at the empty bowl in front of me, I can't help wondering, is homesickness a bowl of rice? If so, it is. Because this bowl of rice is really the taste of home, enough to comfort the wind dust. But the five color rice is a special product in all parts of guangxi. If meet a foreigner who is not guangxi to sell homesickness, five color rice although delicious, but can it replace the nostalgia of the foreigner?

It may be impossible to study anything. At least this meal can replace my homesickness, since eat it, even "sell" homesickness. I rose slowly and prepared to pay for my departure. At this time, the woman stopped me: now that I'm here, listen to me tell a story, a story about five colors of rice.

I disdain to say: the legend of the story of five colors, this does not need you to say I also know.

The stories that have been heard by grandma since childhood are already familiar, and will let the ear out of the cocoon.

She was afraid that I should go, and said urgently: no, it is not a legend, a true story.

I can see that she is a person who needs to sell her homesickness more than I do. She needs someone who listens to her story. I sat down again.

She made two cups of tea and put a cup in front of me. Through the misty tea cups, the woman's mouth closed with a hint of sarcasm: do you think homesickness can really be sold, son? I've sold it for decades, but I can't sell it. For a man who can't go home, homesickness is always there. What is homesickness? Homesickness is actually in that place called hometown, have you miss the deepest person.

I was surprised, but I did not speak. Listen to the woman continue to tell her past.

She was five when her father died of illness, leaving her and her mother alone. It was wartime, short and short. The mother was too weak to work, and they often ate and did not eat. She often cried with hunger. But her mother could not help but hug her in silent tears. The days really can't go on. One day, mother did not know where to get the color of the sticky rice, cooked a bowl of rice. Then she called her up and said, my daughter, my mother has no skill to support you. Eat, remember this bowl of rice, this is mother's taste.

At the age of five, she did not understand the meaning of her mother's words, only to know that it was good to eat. When she finished the bowl of rice, her mother dressed her up. Then she went out with her, and she remembered that the day had gone a long way. Later, in a small market, the mother pretended to buy something to eat and let her wait for her. But she waited a long time, and did not wait for her mother. Until now, she had opened a small shop in the place where her mother had been waiting for her mother, and cooked a five-color meal every day, hoping that her mother would appear, because her mother had said that the five colors were the mother's taste. Mother's taste, is a lifetime of unforgettable homesickness.

Some people, some things, missed, left, is a lifetime can not forget the past. Now, twenty years later, I have never seen her again. Only every three months, eating a fragrant five color rice, I always think of ah, she is still there to sell a bowl of missing and waiting for the five colors of rice?

Revel in spring

Le 17 avril 2018, 11:20 dans Humeurs 0

The sun is warm, with golden memories; The air is fresh and fragrant with flowers; Time is joyful, carrying the laughter.

The spring is always pleasant to the eye. Every year has spring, but every spring, I am filled with longing. And this year, for the first time, in the spring of chengdu, I was laughing and laughing.

Qingbaijiang phoenix lake wetland park, the water is clear, the spring breeze, for the green tree dressing. The egret dances and dances, enjoying the warm breeze. There are classic buildings that blend the local features of the world, and for designers and artists, this is paradise.

But the most famous is the qingbaijiang cherry blossom festival, which is located in the beautiful phoenix lake wetland park. Here the trees are made of wood, flowers and flowers, especially the pink and shy cherry blossom sea, which makes people feel like they are in a dream.

In chengdu, there is also a remote mountain ditch called the pear flower groove. There are roads, but when you walk in there, you feel like you're walking into a peach garden.

The green trees, the white, the red, the purple, the colorful flowers, like to the little ditch to put on a beautiful colorful yarn. The meandering stream, through the forest, through the meadows, into the sea of dreams.

On the green land, farmers are bent over their heads, sweat drops across their foreheads, and their cheeks drip down on the red earth. There were smiles all over the wrinkled faces.

What is worth mentioning here is the farmyard! In the hustle and bustle of the city, stay long, always want to return to nature, there will always be "the wild bird love old forest, pond fish think of the deep" missing.

Yearning for that peaceful and joyful idyllic life. The birds flitted through the air and caught a glimpse of the people. Butterflies fluttering colorful wings in the cluster, like a grand ball, attract the children's eyes, let them stop to stay, intoxicated in this paradise like the world.

The pear flower groove is, of course, famous for the pear flower, the large white flowers of snow, with the color of snow, but with the warmth of spring. There are three or five cows and sheep under the tree, and they chew the green grass with ease. Spring is probably the best and most enjoyable time for them.

The mountain of pear valley is intoxicating. From a distance, the dark green mountain, there is a kind of heavy vitality. It's full of respect, trying to climb, standing at the top and looking out. To see "the top of the hill, the mountains are small." The good.

If you are riding a bicycle up the hill, up the hill, you may feel the long journey of hard, but down the hill, the speed of speed and the wind roared absolutely will make you comfortable spring always beauty suffocating.

Even the city, with its tall buildings and tall buildings, had the same stubborn growth of grass, which could be seen in almost every window of every house. Wherever you go, you can see the spring meaning of discontent and overflow.

Spring is always so warm and beautiful he always comes quietly, quietly leaving when you don't know.

Let's enjoy the spring together.

Books are my forever friends

Le 5 mars 2018, 08:59 dans Humeurs 0

"Three more lights and five more chickens, it is men who read. Black hair does not know diligently early, the white first party regrets to read late." This is small when parents taught about the importance of reading and by heart, and the young don't work hard, idle young, needy old ", and so on, it is full of ancient people working the awl stab inspiring story, under the influence of these stories, did hard to read. When I grew up, I became a self-motivated and self-motivated student hong kong scholarships, and I felt that it was because I tasted the benefits of reading, and over time, reading became an integral part of my life.
I like wandering in the sea of books, learn from their needs all kinds of nutrients, enrich himself, because mother like the poem of zang gram house, affect I also saw some, remember junior high school of time see zang gram house of old and new poetry review have such a word, "I am a two-faced, which analyzes I love poetry" read this, I deeply by zang gram house, moved by tradition of philosophical discourse on impulse in the margin of the book still make up the two words "which analyzes the pig back to reading, poetry flood tide", complacent, and brought them to his mother, his mother look after smile said to me: "feel oneself write smack of zang gram house", I said: "can't". But the beauty of the heart, words can not describe, really think that they are clever, in the complacent, the mother said: you add the first sentence, use very skillfully. The second sentence is well written, very imposing and commendable myob accounting software. My mother's words were like a claird, like a hammer beating on my head, and I almost knew that I was too smart to be wise. I don't want to steal, is back to too much, a product of natural overflow, the mother's comment: a "smart", a "good" point woke me, mother is worthy of the ancient Chinese teacher, don't let me drill this gap. May be right to "old books best pig back to read" memory is too deep, see "I am a two-faced, which analyzes I love poetry", naturally can put the old books back to continue to read on, then write a word: new torrent rushing. I really admire my mother's rigorous scholarship.
My mother looked down at me and said let me tell you a story. I was glad to hear the story. Mother told me a story that su shi as a child, I be suddenly enlightened after listen to, my mother is in remind me, such as the middle of a vast ocean, I just a seam, I understand mother's intention, from now on, open-minded, read last became my motto.
The story is: when su shi was a small man, he had a great talent, read some books, and put up a couplet in front of his house. "read the world and read the world." After the neighbors saw the couplet, later, don't know where to an octogenarian, took out a book to be read by su shi, the book is all some strange words, him not a word, embarrassed face flushed. When the old man smiled and left, su shi couplets on the door hurriedly pen ShangXiaLian respectively with a "skill" and "to" four word company registration in hong kong, has become the eternal "skill knowledge all over the world, to read all the human" the high ideals of couplets. Silent sound, su dongpo from the old man silent teachings to realize to learning, learn the truth, so tirelessly devoted to reading, learning, hard learning, eventually become a generation of famous writers. I also learned from my mother's story that modesty, prudence, abstinence from the arrogance of the book virtues, is also my mother reminded me of "early, more early people" philosophy.
In ancient times, people that read the reading very sacred, "a scholar need not leave his home, he know all smell", show just because the smell, so deeply people's worship, rather than old people to the rank of worship, worship of the books is more accurate than, because all the reader of the official career and all the good wishes of books on the body, they will be able to see your from inside the book "hall", "beautiful woman". People regard reading as a very sacred and solemn matter, so there is a good conversation in the evening. In ancient times, the number of people reading was a symbol of a person's status, and people who were generally praised for their wisdom, knowledge and knowledge were described as "rich and educated". The status of books is quite unusual, people will maintain its "burnished inferior, only a study of" the idea, "he who rules lives by mental perplexity, by physical labor" to become for thousands of years of Chinese students to reverse the truth is not broken.
I like to read books, I prefer to immerse myself in the books, I want to see what is easy to take, there is no rules, casual reading is my most leisure time. My lover quips that I am a "sprinkler", because wherever I go, there will be a mess of books to follow. My son said that I was a "miscellaneous family", I call myself "lazy home", reading nearby, convenient.
Zang kejia said: "reading is like climbing mountains, the higher you climb, the farther you look; Reading is like cultivating, the sweat is flowing, the harvest is more plentiful. I said: reading an ancient book is the equivalent of an old friend. It can enlighten you on the road and avoid many detours. Reading a modern book is the equivalent of making a middle-aged friend. It can teach you a lot of life philosophy, and silently accompany you through the most vulnerable moments. Reading a children's book is the equivalent of having a child, and its vitality, innocence and romance will infect you and make you never lose the joy of childhood.

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